Galactic Race Entertainment & Media Moguls

Before Race Entertainment© became the defacto galactic standard for fun in the universe, water combat was actually split into several distinct quadrants throughout the galaxy, or "territories" as they were known back then. "Professional Swimmers" would ply their craft in front of crowds of dozens at local space carnivals and fairs. Soon enough, "Professional Swimming" gained enough popularity that events were held, drawing in larger, more vocal crowds. Each planet had their own rules and regulations revolving around being the first to cross the line.

The Trump
Elsewhere, Octodecillionaire and media mogul, Donald "The Trump" Turner had an idea to truly innovate how beings throughout the galaxy sit back and watch television. He began uniting all television broadcasts throughout the galaxy under his banner, the I.T.N. (Intergalactic Television Network). It was an amazing feat, using a cross connecting labryinth array of satelites throughout space to broadcast to every single planet in 4 galaxies and 10 dimensions. Using hypothetical tachyon particles and time-bending/space distorting wormholes, the ITN is capable of producing near seemless live television broadcasts across several lightyears with crystal clear picture and sound. The infrastructure was laid in, and the creatures of the universe were plugged into it. However, producing content for these various planets and lifeforms was an almost insurmountable task. "The Trump" needed a trumpcard.

Eric Fischoff
Enter young television executive Eric Fishchoff. After seeing how "Professional Swimming" was popular on several planets throughout the galaxy, he saw a common ground upon which all cultures from different worlds could appreciate: competition, athleticism, and an indomitable spirit overcoming all odds. However, each planet ran by it's own rules and regulations, and catered exclusively to their territory. They were too concerned with protecting "their business" and shared no concern for the fun and enjoyment of the entire universe. He needed to bring them together and eliminate the carnival-atmosphere of "Professional Swimming Territories." He needed to form an alliance, The Nova Racing Alliance.

United Planets & the Founding Fishes

A united front of all the planets involved in "Professional Swimming" came together under one banner. All worlds who engaged in pro-swimming were sure to tune in to the first intergalactic broadcast of their prized sport, and trillions of curious thrill seekers were also due to tune in. They were to perform under a singular ruleset, share one champion, and compete in a singular regulation. Every planet sent in their top swimmer to this event.

Flank Gotch
Nick Bathwinkel
Loach Thesz
Jack Briscove
Bruno Sammartuna
Bob Backlungfish

From there, Eric's Trojan Horse was to come into play: Megladonk Lesnar.

Megladonk Lesnar

Unsporting Conduct

Megladonk Lesnar
By setting the event out on the open waters of a unique planet with non-standard maritime convention laws and using intentionally fuzzy language on the definition of "physical contact," Lesnar was able to instigate the fun foundation of modern Riptiders racing and then proceed to simply wade to the finish line. Crowned the new NRA champion, Megladonk Lesnar threw down the belt, declared the NRA sunk and raised Eric Fishchoffs's new title: The Universal Riptider Championship Tidal belt.

It was a brilliant plan: in one move, Eric Fishchoff gathered all his competition and annihilated them in the most aggrandizing method possible. If you wanted to prove yourself to the galaxy, you had to be in Riptiders© Aquatic Racing. The live crowd loved it, the viewing audience loved it, and the ITN had its universally appealing broadcast.

Due to the large size and general immobility of his champion and the fact that Megladonk Lesnar couldn't swim, Fischoff rebranded his "professional swimming" enterprise to the familiar Race Entertainment© we all know and love to this day.