Ouch! Now that's an update!

Lemme tell you about my thoughts about today's update! Man I tell you I ain't been so excited since my first date with Sally Seawaters! These cats on the tracks are all that, and that's a fact, jack! Anybody gonna tell me what other sport out there got hair splitting, skull crackin', back smackin' action like Riptiders Aquatic Racing? NFL? "Naw, For Losers!" NBA? "Naw, Boring Action!" MLB? "More Losers being Boring!" Wooooooooowee, that Nautiqua-man, he might be thinking of he was somewhere nicer, but him, and you, are right here where it counts, baybee! Don't forget to bring it back every single week for more Riptiders action! Maybe there's a way to remember it easier...Wet Wednesdays? Gonna have to get that treading on Blubber. Splashtag, Wet Wednesdays!

  • Written by Dirty Rhoades
  • Published 29th of April `15

Special Service Announcement Update

Wednesdays are a very special day for us here at the Ripcenter. Of course the arrival of a new update from the track is always welcome, but we pool in all the stories from around the galaxy from you fans! We are ecstatic that Riptiders© Aquatic Racing is catching fire on your Planet Earth, but we have to remind you that Riptiders© are professionals, and while your human enthusiasm behind our beloved sport is amazing, please stop sending in submissions of home-made attempts at becoming Race Entertainment© superstars. Riptiding is extremely dangerous, and most of you can't regenerate your limbs. We will unfortunately disregard all submissions and not review them. Do, however, continue sending in your stories, fanart, and general comments at our Contact section! But leave the Riptiding to the people who have been trained/forced to perform.

  • Written by Sinsational Shelly
  • Published 22nd of April `15

What a whacky Wednesday, baby!

Hey baby! This is Dirty Rhodes, tellin' ya that the new update is here! This one's a doozay, lemme tell ya, cuz whooooowee! That's one pretty song bird you don't wanna here singin' on a Wednesday, that's for sure! With all this trouble brewin' on the track, it makes me feel reaaaaal good that I'm safe here in the blogpod, rather than getting my big blue whale bottom kicked around out there! But that ain't no rest for us in the update room! Don't forget every Friday at 8:00pm PST, there's a VI-DEO-GAME Stream on at our twitch channel baby! And come in early for tha pre-show! And that's the way it's gotta be, or mah name ain't Dirty!

  • Written by Dirty Rhoades
  • Published 15th of April `15

First Wednesday Update, Fishies!

Hey there lil'fishies, this here is Fin Venom. Going along with that latest page, I got all the dirt you been waiting for. Now, I'mma shoot straight with you, 'cus I ain't the kinda guy who likes goin' around jerkin' peoples' chains. I'm opening up access to this here brand new Backstage Area on this here site; because I like you and I want'cha to get the real skimmy on what's goin' down here in the Riptiders Universe.

Bro, a guy like me isn't the kinda guy to lie to yous marks. Come on! You know me better than that, or at least ya will. Check out the latest update, then check out the backstage access. Keep this here on the down-low, because it ain't exactly an exclusive if everyone is in on it. And you make sure to look for Fin Venom when you wanna get all the scoops.

  • Written by Fin Venom
  • Published 8th of April `15

It's Showtime

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us at the Milky Way Galaxy premiere of Riptiders©! From the far reaches of space, the ITN (Intergalactic Television Network) has finally reached the blue planet of Earth, and you humans have a lot to catch up on! That's not gonna keep you from diving right into the action, so go ahead and check out the latest adventure, already in progress! Otherwise, you can check out the extensive history of Riptiders© Aquatic Racing, or our roster of amazing racers and crew. And if you absolutely love Riptiders©, feel free to support our broadcast in your galaxy by supporting us with Earth currency in our Patreon. But definitely spread the word to your friends and family and make sure Riptiders© is a global phenomenon on Earth, as it is on so many other planets throughout the universe. Let the Race Entertainment© revolution begin now!

  • Written by Sinsational Shelly
  • Published 1st of April `15