First Race Completed/FanFrenzy 2015 and Backstage update!

Today is a momentous occasion at the Riptiders© Blog Center, as we've just completed the inaugural Earth broadcast of Monday Night Splashdown! There's also some stirring backstage that you're going to want to check out...

In celebration of the completion of the first Earth broadcast, there was a "surprise invasion" of your planet with FanFrenzy 2015! At these events, our RIPCURLS are on hand to distribute free t-shirts and engage with the many fans of the host planet in a fun-filled day of games, music, food, and excitement. Due however to the geological limitations of the planet Earth, and most of your cities being hosted in non-aquatic surfaces, our Ripcurls were biologically unable to interact directly with the fans. However, RIPTIDERS© always finds a way to have fun! Check out our exclusive photos of FanFrenzy 2015!

  • Written by Sinsational Shelly
  • Published 15th of July `15

Wednesday Update: Don't Believe Rumors

Hello public! This is the one and only Riptidin' Dreamer, Dirty Rhoades, putting all tha rumors to rest about my untimely demise. Yes, I did slip in the shower, but no, I have not lost the power!! So please ease your minds, cuz the Dirty one is here to stay with you forever! But on the track, things ain't lookin' so hot for on Tsu-Xi! What's gonna happen next? Click and find out! And don't forget to keep submitting your questions to the contact page for a special segment in the future, answering all your fan-queries! And tune in on Friday for the special Vidya Game stream!

  • Written by Dirty Rhoades
  • Published 17th of June `15

Submit your questions now!

We're almost at the conclusion of the first Riptiders broadcast on Earth! Who do you think will cross the line? In celebration of the upcoming conclusion of the first race, our sponsors are holding a Q&A with you, the fans! Please submit any and all questions you have about Riptiders© or Race Entertainment© in general over at our Contact section, and your question might make it into our segment! Good luck to our racers, and have fun!

  • Written by Sinsational Shelly
  • Published 3rd of June `15

A special update

While we're all hot for the action on the track, we here at the Ripcenter feel the need to address some of the rumors circulating online about recent events concerning our racers and the baseless accusations of the systematic torture and execution of a pet Sea Monkey. Photos have circulating online depicting the horrendous treatment of our mascot, Bobos, with the accompanying claims that apart from being choked, sprayed, skinned, and boiled alive, that Bobos was unhappy to be part of the Riptiders family. None of this could be further from the truth, and although we typically don't dignify such crass rumors with a response, it's time to set the record straight: There was absolutely no malicious intent or "torturing" of Bobos. Bobos was loved by everyone here who was here to enjoy him, and was absolutely delicious.

  • Written by Sinsational Shelly
  • Published 13th of May `15

Heads up, a new update!

Hey fishies, this is ya boy, Fin Venom. Droppin' it like it's hot, it's the latest update from Monday Night Splashdown©. Man, these Riptiders© are going crazy out there, and it's only gonna get hotter from here!

Speaking of hot, we've been getting burned on all these questions you marks are sendin' in! What, it's like youse guys never seen a race before! Here's one from some dude named Nicholas:

"The violence in this latest update has me wondering about whatever health regulations regarding Riptiders. Do said regulations exist? What do they entail? Do they apply to competitors from species with accelerated healing factors? What about on site deaths? Or do you guys have access to cloning and other medical technologies that render such regulations moot?"

What are you, dense? This is Riptiders©, bro! Where the big fishies swim! If they can't handle the water, ya gonna get slaughter'ad! If they can heal, no big deal. If they can't hang, too bad, mang! Of course, scrapes, bruises, and other assorted injuries can happen on the track. That's common in any impact sport. The Ripcurls have a top of the line medical facility that can put back together anyone who still has parts to put together. Sponsors can always spend tha cash to revive a Riptider©, but sometimes it's just cheaper to get a new one. I mean, why waste clams on a loser?

  • Written by Fin Venom
  • Published 6th of May `15