A special update

While we're all hot for the action on the track, we here at the Ripcenter feel the need to address some of the rumors circulating online about recent events concerning our racers and the baseless accusations of the systematic torture and execution of a pet Sea Monkey. Photos have circulating online depicting the horrendous treatment of our mascot, Bobos, with the accompanying claims that apart from being choked, sprayed, skinned, and boiled alive, that Bobos was unhappy to be part of the Riptiders family. None of this could be further from the truth, and although we typically don't dignify such crass rumors with a response, it's time to set the record straight: There was absolutely no malicious intent or "torturing" of Bobos. Bobos was loved by everyone here who was here to enjoy him, and was absolutely delicious.

  • Written by Sinsational Shelly
  • Published 13th of May `15