Jeepers, Creepers, and Riptiders!

I want to thank everyone who recently purchased ( the inaugural issue of Riptiders! If you haven't yet, what are ya waiting for? It's 1 dollar! Also rounding things out is an open collaboration between me and the good 'ol boys over at OSWReview! I'm real excited about their latest episode, and not because they're stellar lads who do awesome reviews, but because yours truly contributed artwork to the episode! Possible Riptiders/OSWReview crossover in the future? Stranger things have happened!

Speaking of Riptiders, Issue #2 is well underway, with me pencilling pages as much as I can. It's not easy, trying to balance work, Riptiders, and spreading the word all at the same time, but it's a labor of love for you guys, the fans! Come back on Fridays @ 4:00PM PST for our videogame stream, where you can hang with the creators and get Riptider updates (as well as watch retro videogames played with impeccable style). Whelp, back to the drawing table!

  • Written by Peter Nguyen
  • Published 25th of October `15

Issue #1 Wrap Party

Hey everyone, PHN here.

So today marks the completion of the first issue of Riptiders, and what a journey it was. I've worked in comics before, but this was the first time I ever pencilled, colored, and lettered a book of my own creation. There's no description of the feeling of pride and accomplishment that is swelling within me right now. In creating the Riptiders universe, I output more artwork in one year than I have in a long, long time.

That isn't the side of a table, that is the amount of artwork I've produced in crafting this galaxy of unforgettable personalities. And I can't wait to create more pages and tell more stories. I've got plots leading up to the championship race and beyond. Trust me guys, this is going to be a lot of fun.

That said, I'm going to take a break from updating for awhile. Although that's not entirely true, because while the site won't be seeing updates for a few weeks, I won't get a chance to take a break. Next on the agenda is spreading the word about Race Entertainment, and that includes posting on forums/websites, collaborating with other creators, starting production on the premium version of issue #1, which will be on sale shortly, and then creating the pages for issue #2! That's some break!

Hopefully you fans have enjoyed reading the first issue nearly as much I enjoyed making it. Each page is a struggle to balance wanting to put in more art, more jokes, more effects, and still hit the deadlines. One of the biggest obstacles to Riptiders is time, there simply isn't enough of it to go around. But I'll keep going as long as I can because I love this project just that much. If you really enjoy what Race Entertainment is all about, please consider supporting Riptiders via Patreon, every little bit really does make a huge difference. If you can't support with money, but still want to help, that's tremendous as well. Riptiders is still in the grass-roots stage, and can use all the promotion it can get. Spread the word via social media or word of mouth or taxi cab or just shout it from the rooftops! If a million people read Riptiders and it never made a dime, I'd be ecstatic.

All I want is people to read my wacky story about fish people.

If you don't want to spread the word about Riptiders because you already told all your friends and Aunt Freida, don't know how to tweet people, or just don't feel like it, that's cool too! Riptiders can still use content! Your fanart is much appreciated, as well as your questions and letters that are primed to go in the special edition of the issue.

If you don't want to spend money on Riptiders, spread the word about Riptiders, or draw a picture of a fish and call him a Riptider and send it in, that's STILL cool. Just having you read the comic is good enough. I'm doing this project because I want you to get a kick out of it and just laugh. Comics should be fun, and that's what the endgoal for this project is: having the most fun you can have in the whole universe.

So in conclusion, I want to thank everyone involved in the Riptiders universe: Alan Belongie for his tireless assistance in prepping the pages, Graeme Pollard for his creation and maintenance of the site, Grant and Jessica George for their voice contributions, and especially you, the reader. The person this site was created for. Thank you.

Oh, and you can watch me play videogames on Friday.

  • Written by Peter Nguyen
  • Published 15th of July `15

First Backstage Update

Hello! This is Peter H. Nguyen, creator and artist of the Riptiders universe. What you're reading is the result of over a year of toil, sweat, and love. First off I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who helped make this dream a reality: Graeme Pollard for making this incredible website, Alan Belongie for assisting me with the color production, and Jessica Gee-George and Grant George ( for lending their incredible voice talents. Would you believe all of this is the result of only five people? If this project looks like the effort of a huge team of people, it's because they all came together and did the work of dozens. You guys are true superstars!

What is Riptiders? Apart from being a whole lot of work, it's an action/comedy comic book, but simultaneously so much more. Everything on the website (aside from this area here) is completely in-universe, in an attempt to bring the story beyond the mere confines of a comic book page. You don't just get Riptiders in each page I create, you get snippets of the world through the blog posts, the Youtube videos (which I hope to create more of as the series progresses), and so on.

Why so much effort to tell a simple story about a bunch of aliens on a track of water? That's because it's not quite as simple as it seems. Riptiders is my attempt at High Concept/Low Brow comedy. You see, I'm not a writer. I am grossly unqualified to write anything anything beyond a grade school book report, and even that I submitted 3 years in a row to different teachers (none of them ever noticed). However, I dabble a bit in comedy (you might have read a few essays by me in the past. Yes, they're mine). In this latest endeavor at making people laugh, I've crafted a book that parades about as a typical action book, complete with super hero aesthetics, with a plot that is completely insane. And that's because the universe that they live in is insane. But the only way any of it can work is with you, the audience, joining in on the show!

You see, in order to fully enjoy Riptiders for what it is, you have to lose yourself in it, and seat yourself in the crowd. Like a magician or a stunt show, you let yourself have fun and go with it.

And I really do hope you enjoy the show. Coming up with each page is so much fun, and I want you guys to have fun with me. I hope if you do enjoy what I'm doing, that you'll consider spreading the word to your friends. Contributing to the Patreon would be extremely helpful in allowing me to create more content (being able to pay for music, voice actors, and more importantly easing the split between writing/drawing/coloring the pages and working a dayjob to pay the rent). But even if you can't support Riptiders financially, you'd be doing me a huge favor just by giving out a link to anyone you'd think would like it. Even doing just that would make me very happy.

I hope you do come back again to check out each update, and I look forward to seeing you again! PHN out.

  • Written by Peter Nguyen
  • Published 8th of April `15

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Riptiders Aquatic Racing is the universe's first 100% completely in-universe comic book. To fully enjoy Riptiders, you can't just read it. You have to embrace it, and live in its ever evolving world.

Here in the "backstage" area you'll find our blog on the real world development of the site and comic. It's the only part of the site not in-universe, so you can check here for the real scoops

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